About Shiny Designs

You Are a Creative Force - Find Encouragement and Inspiration for Fearless Journaling

I make art because it is joyful, both the act of creation and the sharing with others - I want you to experience that joy too by using your art and junk journal to freely explore your creativity.

To encourage creativity in everyday life, I have made a conscious effort to integrate upcycled and recycled materials along with traditional fine art supplies in my own studio and the products from my store. You’ll find this unique blend in unexpected, and refreshing, places: from upcycled journal covers to recycled papers in packaging to innovative art techniques. I encourage you to use it all in your projects - everything is art if you make it so!

As a lifelong creator, I simply make things. Over the years, the medium and materials have evolved in many forms. As I've matured as an artist, I've become passionate about supporting the creativity and artistry in others. Come along with me for encouragement and inspiration.

I love it when people use my work to express their own creativity – it’s my fondest wish that you enjoy using the journals, kits and artist ephemera even more than I enjoyed making them.