Art Journal Tips and Techniques - Free EBook to Start Journaling Today

Art Journal Tips and Techniques, Inspiration and Encouragement

Are you looking for art journal ideas and supplies? Wondering just what an artist journal actually is?

Find out what you need to know and start your journal today. Get ideas for your art journal and start creating!

Keeping an art journal isn't difficult or complex and it's not just for "artists." You can do this!


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I believe in your creativity and want you to know the joy of creating a journal to express yourself so I've written a guide to getting started.

It's a 15 page EBook and it's free - just sign up and you'll get the book and notes from me with inspiration and encouragement to start your art journal today.

Here's a sample of what you'll find inside:

  • Your Creativity Badge that certifies you are creative,
  • Encouragement to get you through the hard parts,
  • Inspiration when the blank page is staring hard at you, and
  • Useful tips and information on materials and supplies to get started today!

 It's easy, enter your email address and get your copy of the free EBook. You'll also get updates from my studio, first looks at new projects/products and subscriber only bonuses. Your information is safe - I won't do skeezy things with your information - I pinkie swear!


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Want to know more?

Here are a few of the questions and answers you find in the book:

What is an Art Journal? Well, I’m not exactly sure because it’s such an individual and personal creation, but I can say what it’s NOT. It’s not perfect or perfectly orderly. It’s not just a diary or only text or only images. It can be wholly digital, all physical or a combination of the two. It isn’t made with a special pen, ink, paint, glue or software. It’s not any particular shape or size; it may not even be a book.


What if I don’t think I’m artistic enough? So what? You are a human being with thoughts, emotions and experiences and that’s what fuels an art journal. Record those things in whatever way you feel best expresses them; that’s all you need to do.

 That's just a peek so go ahead and claim your copy now:


Get Your Free Art Journal FAQ EBook Here!