Design Partners - The Shiny Designs Designer Program

  • Do you want more exposure for your digital designs?
  • Would you like to see your work showcased in a beautiful online boutique - not lost in a digital flea-market?
  • How about earning industry standard commissions for your digital designs?

Shiny Designs Designer Program
If you’re a digital designer interested in standing out among a digital sea of designs, the Shiny Designs Design Partners Program is for you. As a member of the Design Partners Program you'll be able to showcase your work in carefully curated core collections in a professionally designed and managed online boutique. Best of all – you’ll earn an industry standard commission on your sales! You’ll get a monthly payment for your skills and talent.

Are You My Next Designer?

Core Collections

Your designer collection is the core of the Design Partners Program. You’ll see your products showcased in carefully planned rotating collections in the Shiny Designs shop. Each collection is a tightly focused lens on your creativity. No more rummaging through pages and pages of products just to find your work!

Art Journaling Rocks

The Shiny Designs Online Boutique is all about art journal supplies, both digital and physical, so it follows that your products must support that. But, that covers a lot of ground! You’re free to create anything you can think of that can be used in an art journal: journal kits, papers, tags, collage sheets and all the things only you can come up with!

Be (Somewhat) Social

You should already have a presence on one or more of the major social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) but you don’t have to be a Kardashian – you’ll learn how to use what you have and grow from there. You will be promoting your own products but you’ll get a plan and tips to follow – piece of cake!

Technical Requirements

As far as files and output types goes, you’ll need to be able to produce high quality jpg, png and pdf files, put together digital mockups in a standard jpg format and package the whole thing into a zip file. It's standard procedure for digital work and I'll provide instructions, templates and mockup files.

It’s Work But it’s Fun

While the time commitment can be flexible – after all that’s the best part about being a designer – you do have to meet a minimum level of designs to participate. That means no flaking on getting a project done because something shiny went by. Of course, I get that life happens and can be messy so don’t worry – we’ll work that stuff out.

Let’s Go Together

This program is all about quality over quantity so it’s only going to be available to selected designers on a limited basis. We will have a contract that spells everything out – no worry; it’s in normal English and not a million pages long.

I don’t expect you not to sell on other venues (Etsy, MyMemories, etc.) but I do ask that the products in the current collection be available first for an introductory period in the Shiny Designs shop. This isn't a hardship as the collections will be small (from 3 to 12 products) and will be released for wider distribution in a reasonable time (1 to 3 months, generally.)

Call Me Sometime

Are you ready to have your work stand out? To have an online showcase of YOUR designs?

Just drop your email in the form along with a description of what it is about design that sets you apart and lights you up.

Don’t forget to include links to your social medias and any projects you’d like to show off as well. I’ll reply to you soon with more details and we’ll set up a time to get acquainted.

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