Inspiration Partners – the Shiny Designs Creative Team

I am excited to tell you about the new Inspiration Partners program – it’s a chance for you to create what you love and get paid too. How does a 30% commission on your referral purchases sound? And, that’s just the beginning of the program perks. Inspiration Partners will receive other surprises: supplies, exclusive kits, personal gifts and more!

As a creative partner, I’m counting on you to bring Shiny Designs products to life. As a brand ambassador, you’re the key to introducing customers to new techniques and innovative ways to use their purchases. When someone sees your work, is inspired to create and purchases an item from your personal referral link, you’ll earn a commission for that sale!

Get Paid to Create

When a new customer orders a digital item from your personal referral link, you’ll earn a 30% COMMISION of the total amount of digital items in that sale!

For example, when a customer spends $30 on digital items, you’ll earn $10. To do that, you just use a special link that directs customers to the shop and products. Payments to you are made MONTHLY via PayPal for the previous month’s sales. You’ll need a PayPal account to participate.

This program is exclusively for Inspiration Partner team members – to reward your creativity in making beautiful projects with Shiny Designs products. Being an Inspiration Partner gives you everything you need to succeed. You know the products, how to use them and how to share them. Now, you’ll get PAID for the value you bring!

 What’s the Job Description?

The most importantly, I’m looking for creative people who love making things. You should be comfortable working with digital printable designs and combining them with other supplies and embellishments to create beautiful projects. I want to work with people who “get” the Shiny Designs look and can put that forward in their projects. It’s that design view that makes Shiny Designs products and supplies unique.

You should have some kind of social media or blog presence like a following on Facebook, You Tube, Pinterest, Instagram and/or your own blog.  Posting your projects to your various channels is how you’ll share and promote them so you’ll want to start with a base of loyal followers. You don’t have to have a blog, but if you do and want to post there as well, that’s even better!

Great photos are necessary! While I’ll provide product and promotional graphics for you to use, your projects will have to be photographed. And, quality matters! Whether you take still photos of pages and projects or shoot videos, make sure you can provide good images. Take your cues from the images in the Shiny Designs shop: clear, in focus with bright lighting.

How much time will I have to commit?

To start, you’ll get one project kit per month, occasionally with additional items. That may not sound like a lot, but I’m far more interested in quality, not quantity. Besides, life has a way of happening when you least expect. I don’t want you to be overwhelmed or feel pressured. I want you to ENJOY what you create!

When you post your projects, you’ll use your personal referral link and include the name of the product. To help customers recreate your projects, it helps to include a product description with any specialty supplies and special techniques you used.

You probably won’t be working with the same kits that other Partners are using – that’s going to make it more interesting and creatively fulfilling. I have a private creative team group where you can meet to collaborate, get answers to questions and get useful feedback on your projects. Need help? Just ask – I’m always ready to help and I want you to succeed.

Once we get started, you can take on more than one project per month – that’s up to you! You should be able to commit to an initial term of 3 months but we’ll check in frequently to see how you’re doing and make adjustments to work out a plan that suits your creative output and schedule.

Are there Rules?

A few, but you’ll be fine! I do take them seriously though so be sure you can meet them before signing up.

  • You cannot combine Shiny Designs kits and products with any other designer kits or works in a single project. That means you can use supplies – like paper, die cuts, embellishments and the like – purchased from mainline retail stores, but you can’t include elements purchased or received from another designer in any Shiny Designs Partner project. If you ever have a question if something is allowed, just ask me – I’ll be happy to help!
  • You MUST NOT SPAM! Anyone who spams social networks, email, forums, groups or any other venue will be immediately removed and banned from the program and any unpaid commissions will be revoked.
  • Be FAMILY FRIENDLY. Because you’re representing the brand image of Shiny Designs, you may only promote on G and PG rated venues and posts. Keep in mind the ethos of creative expression, inspiration and encouragement and you’ll be fine.
  • I’m not asking for you to forgo participating in other design teams, but I am asking that you be certain you can meet the project requirements for Inspiration Partners.
  • You must keep all proprietary information confidential! I fully expect that you keep information relating to Shiny Designs products, marketing and program information confidential – that information is proprietary and not to be shared!

Sounds Great, I want in!

Are you ready to be inspired? To make great projects AND be paid to do it? Just drop your email in the form along with a description of what you love to create and why it brings you joy.

Don’t forget to include links to your social media and any projects you’d like to show off as well. I’ll reply to you soon with more details and we’ll set up a time to get acquainted.

Fill in the form below or click the little black tab on the right that says "Contact."