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Multicolor Sea Life Washi Tape - Fish, Starfish, Seahorse and Urchin

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It's Multicolor Sea Life on Washi Tape! This lively tape comes in a matching box and features all kinds of sea life: Fish, Starfish, Seahorses and Urchins. This aquatic tape will add a sense of the seas to your journals and planners!!

Make everything in your life prettier with this tape! It's masking tape in beauty makeup. It's easily torn and removable or repositionable on most surfaces.

A few fun things to do with your tape:

- Add to gift wrapping
- Decorate cute envelopes
- Add flair to your sticky notes
- Prettify your planner
- And, so much more!

You'll get one roll of tape in it's own box and it's a generous 10 m long - that's over 32 feet of tape! It's 15 mm wide, or a little over a half inch wide.

All tapes are ready to ship from my studio so you can get started on your projects faster!

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